Sunday, August 29, 2010

Petikan Daripada The Star : Girl in fear after hate page used her picture


JOHOR BARU: A college student has lodged a police report claiming that her picture has been “hijacked” and placed on a Facebook page that hit out at members of the royalty.

Norhidayu Ahmad Radzuan, 21, said that although the Facebook page had been removed last Thursday, she was worried for her safety.

This is the second case within a week involving the social networking website Facebook, which has been used to target members of the royal family.

Norhidayu said the problem started last week when her fiance ticked off the writer of a Facebook page dubbed Sultan Yang Setan, which had mocked the rulers of Johor, Pahang, other members of the royalty and also the police.

“My fiance told the writer that he should not have said such things as it was rude,” she said.

Norhidayu alleged that several days later, she was shocked to find that the writer had “copied” a photo of her from her fiance’s Facebook page and put it as the profile picture on the Facebook page that hit out at the rulers.

“Although the page has been removed, I am worried that people will think that I did the whole thing,” she said.

She said that she subsequently lodged a police report at the Masai Police Station on Wednesday to safeguard herself especially in the wake of people posting insults about rulers on the Internet including in Johor.

A police official confirmed the report.

On another recent posting on the Internet several days ago, police are investigating a Facebook page by an individual claiming to be the future wife of Tunku Mahkota Johor Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim.

The page, Diari Harian Tunku Mahkota Johore, contained the supposed daily activities of Tunku Ismail and photographs of him at public events.

Besides this, a profile page named Tunku Ismail, claiming to be that of the Tunku Mahkota Johor, had been created.